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Softcare Water Clear

Water Clear is a cationic polymeric flocculant formulated to coagulate and floc fine suspended solids from spa and hot tub water. These solids, after the addition of Water Clear, will be filtered out of the spa or collect on the bottom for removal and result in clear water.

Directions for Use:
Initial Use: After filling spa, add Water Clear directly to water when pump is on high speed at a rate of 4oz. per 500 gallons of water.
Weekly Use: Add 2 oz. of Water Clear per 500 gallons of water as a maintenance dose. For cloudy water, add approximately 2 oz. per 500 gallons until water is clear.
NOTE: Never mix this product with any other chemical as a dangerous reaction may occur.

Softub Spa Gallon Sizes:
Sportster T-140 = 140 gallons
Legend T-220 = 220 gallons
Resort T-300 = 300 gallons
Portico = 274 gallons

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