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Softcare Metal Gon


The water used to fill your spa may contain high amounts of metal that can stain or discolor your spa’s surface. The presence of minerals can cause oxidizing and scaling on the shell’s surface and erosion of the heater element. Metal Gon protects your spa from metal and mineral impurities found in spa water by suspending and inhibiting stain and scale causing minerals.

Directions for Use:
Initial Use: Add 16 oz. while the spa is being filled, before any other chemicals are added. Remove and clean filter with Instant Filter Cleaner within 24 hours of dose. **DO NOT ENTER THE SPA FOR AT LEAST 24 HOURS AFTER ADDING THIS PRODUCT**
Maintenance Dose: Whenever you add water to top-off your spa, you may need to maintain your Metal Gon levels. Add 1 0z. per 100 gallons of water while the pump is running. Allow the water to recirculate overnight until the water is clear. This will help to control any mineral staining and help protect the heating element from corrosion.

Softub Spa Gallon Sizes:
Sportster T-140 = 140 gallons
Legend T-220 = 220 gallons
Resort T-300 = 300 gallons
Portico = 274 gallons 

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