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Softcare Calcium Balancer

Formerly Calcium Up. Water hardness describes the total amounts of calcium in water. Calcium Balancer is the convenient way to bring water hardness into the proper range. Low hardness could indicate improper water balance and could result in corrosion of equipment and spa surfaces and void your Softub Spas warranty.

Directions for use:
1. Use a test strip to test your water hardness.
2. If calcium level is too low, make sure the pump is running and add 1/2 oz. of liquid Calcium Balancer per 250 gallons of hot tub water. This amount will raise the hardness of your water 7 ppm.
3. Run pump continuously for 30 min. and retest water. If hardness is not in the proper range, keep repeating step 2, waiting at least 30 minutes before testing again or adding more product. 

Softub Spa Gallon Sizes:
Sportster T-140 = 140 gallons
Legend T-220 = 220 gallons
Resort T-300 = 300 gallons
Portico = 274 gallons

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